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  • Heating Systems

    PlusPipe is qualified in the supply of plastic products for preinsulated systems, in particular shrinkable muffs, sleeves, tapes and accessories used to seal off the pipe joints and protect the pipeline against corrosion:
      ♦   HDPE casing pipes with corona treatment
      ♦   HDPE shrink muffs
      ♦   PEX shinkable sleeves and wraparound tapes
      ♦   mastic tapes, FOPS and other accessories

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  • Pressure Pipelines

    Plastics and high density polyethylene in particular are very frequently used for water and gas pipelines because of their high reliability, laying easiness and resistance to chemical agents. Among the products we supply we wish to point out:
      ♦   PE100 smooth pipes
      ♦   PE100 butt fusion fittings
      ♦   PE100 electrofusion fittings
      ♦   transition fittings and steel flanges

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  • Sewage Systems

    Big diameter pipelines used to convey civil and industrial fluids as well as for indoor drainage systems fit into this wide class. PlusPipe can supply pipes, fittings, manholes and special pieces suitable for each of the systems listed below:
      ♦   polyethylene or polypropylene corrugated pipelines
      ♦   HDPE smooth pipes and fittings
      ♦   high stiffness polypropylene drainage systems
      ♦   polypropylene piping systems for indoor waste discharge

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  • Special Applications

    Thanks to their excellent properties such as chemical inertia, resistance both to corrosion and abrasion, flexibility and resilience, plastics and mainly polyethylene and polypropylene systems prove to be an interesting solution in many other applycations:
      ♦   fish farms and underwater pipelines
      ♦   transport of mining sludge
      ♦   hydroelectric power plants
      ♦   geothermal systems

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The products we offer are generally used for three main applications: supply of fluids for civil and industrial purposes, sewage conveyance and preinsulated heating systems. Owing to their mechanical, chemical and physical properties our products can also be used for geothermal applications, fish farming, and mining industry.
Thanks to our technical knowledge and engineering skills in the field of plastic piping systems and our long-lasting experience in plastics quality research, we are able to supply our customers with a complete range of services guaranteeing both top quality products and best engineering solutions.

The Group

Over the years PlusPipe has established its presence in the Balkans and is now represented by two companies, PROCEDO doo doo PlusPipe in Bosnia and Herzegovina and in Serbia.
  • PlusPipe doo
Settled in Banja Luka, PROCEDO DOO acts on behalf of PlusPipe on Bosnia and Herzegovina's markets.
PROCEDO manufactures manholes and special pieces for plastic pipelines and is the local distributor of several brands of excellence including:

  ♦   EUROSTANDARD --> HDPE spigotted and EF fittings
  ♦   RITMO --> welding machinery for plastic pipelines
  ♦   HUNTER --> irrigators, valves and controllers for irrigation
  ♦   PEDROLLO --> pumps and pumping systems
Set up in 2013 with head office in Belgrade, PlusPipe doo deals with the trading of plastic pipes and fittings for water, gas and sewage pipelines meant for the Serbian market.
PlusPipe doo acts as official importer of several brands like EUROSTANDARD and RITMO

Shrinking Muffs

♦  Thermoshrinkablemuffs
♦  L = 500-700 mm
♦  D = 90-1000 mm
♦  Comply to EN 489


♦  Galvanized steelflanges
♦  Steel / PP
♦  PP antifluage
♦  Comply to EN 1092-1

Reinforced tapes

♦  PP / glass fiberreinforcedtape
♦  PE / glass fiber
♦  Cut to size
♦  For corrugated pipes